"May all your hours be Happy Hours!"

Put simply, Douglas Roegiers is a highly skilled and extremely versatile entertainer who channels back to the great days of the Big Band Swing era. His loyal fans know him as 'The Crooner' and he lives up to the title in every sense of the word, crooning with a smooth and classy sound while singing standards from the Great American Songbook.

OK. Think Bobby Darin meets Louis Prima and Bill Haley, with a peppering of Eddie Nichols (The 'Tough-Guy' Crooner). Bam! You've got Douglas Roegiers! This guy is a jazz man's singer. His unique one-of-a-kind style and persona are larger than life and his live stage show is a must-see! Be sure to keep up with his performance schedule and make a date to hang with The Crooner soon. And may all of your hours be happy hours!

Best of LA

Douglas Roegiers voted Best of LA by Los Angeles Magazine!




You've Got a Friend...

Check out the new music video  featuring Douglas Roegiers and The Amanda Castro Super Band!


Recorded and Filmed in quarantine with 19 musicians!

On July 11th, 2013 Douglas 'The Crooner' Roegiers competed on NBC's TV show The Winner Is and won $50 Large! He sang his heart out and came out a winner. 



About Douglas

Douglas was born in Burbank. No, not in So Cal but a small town in Southeastern South Dakota! He didn’t even know there was a Burbank California growing up! It was a small town, population 90, give or take a dog or a sheep walking through. As the youngest of four kids he was always the center of attention and didn't much care for chores. He longed to move away to the big city to follow his dreams.

After growing up in South Dakota, he moved to New York. While maturing artistically in The Big Apple, Douglas attended The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, (AMDA) a musical theater conservatory. Then a move out west, Los Angeles to be exact, for a few years, only to be chewed up and spat out...... "THAT'S LIFE!"

After a three year hiatus and some domestic training (girlfriend), he returned to LA, and chose to throw his hat into the ring of the “Great American Crooners". In the very beginning his choice to become a singer of The Great American Songbook gained notoriety when LA MAGAZINE gave him the title of "Best of LA 2007." 

While attending AMDA in NYC in '98 Frank Sinatra passed away. What impressed Douglas was that with the advent of Sinatra's death, the Empire State Building was lit blue! He thought to himself; "who do you have to be to have The Empire State Building lit to the color of your eyes?" It's about honor and a strong sense of respect. Douglas knows that the man and the music deserve the same great respect. “It’s the best music we as Americans have.”



Douglas appears at private and public events. For Inquiries & Bookings, please contact us!

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